3 Reasons Seniors Wish They Had Moved into Assisted Living Sooner

Helping a loved one move into assisted living can feel like a cumbersome task. But caring adult children only want the best for their parents, and they understand that helping their parents make the transition to senior living is well worth the effort. In only a few weeks after moving in, new residents often look back and wonder why they didn’t make the lifestyle change sooner.


Many seniors in assisted living report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction after settling into their new home. Here are a few reasons seniors say they wish they had moved into assisted living sooner:


1. They have made friends with common interests. In assisted living, seniors are surrounded by others who accompany them for outings, meals and activities. From the nursing staff to members of the housekeeping department and even including volunteers, residents often develop close friendships with associates, giving your loved one the comfort of a supportive community.


Socializing more frequently not only makes seniors happier, but also improves their cognitive health and can slow the risk of dementia. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found elderly Americans with active social lives have slower rates of memory decline than their less-social counterparts.


2. They enjoy restaurant style dining prepared by an Executive Chef. As they age, seniors often struggle to cook the meals they once could. And it can be difficult and time-consuming for adult children to prepare meals for their loved ones that balance their nutritional needs with those of the rest of their family.


Chefs at The Preserve at Clearwater are specially trained to cook quality, wholesome foods for residents. From made-to-order omelets to stir fry, our chefs prepare food with local ingredients that are both healthy and delicious.


3. They have the resources to explore their hobbies. Seniors in assisted living communities say they have better experiences than expected; they also indicate that they are more likely to make friends and try new things, according to The Independent Living Report by ProMatura Group, a well-respected seniors housing market research firm. Many seniors experience this spike in satisfaction because they have the freedom to do what they like – whether that be taking walks outside, playing games with other residents, or attending faith services.


At The Preserve at Clearwater, we make sure seniors not only have time to relax and watch the latest episode of their favorite TV show, but they also have the resources and encouragement to try new things. From art and cooking classes to plays and concerts, we ensure our residents have plenty to enjoy.


Moving your loved one into assisted living can be a big and difficult leap to take, but many seniors quickly look back at the decision to move and wish they had made it sooner. In addition to the care and support they enjoy, the socializing, dining and exploration of new hobbies enhances their quality of living in ways they often never expected.




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